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Here’s the story of who we are.

our driving force: Make safe investing exciting

Minesh’s mission has always been the same, to make safe investing exciting. It’s what he’s pursued since 2010. Investing doesn’t have to be risky to be profitable, consistency and discernment matter more for profit.

Our Story

Perfect Portfolio LLC began in March of 2019 with the sole purpose of helping more people create portfolios that work for them and their families.

We focus on Gold/Silver, Real Estate and the Stock Market. These are the most proven asset classes for wealth creation throughout history. You have to be in these if you want long term profits in your portfolio.

“I’m sat outside a convenience store in the middle of nowhere in Bali, Indonesia having just placed a trade that made me 2.47% cash-flow ROI on my Silver this month… and it only took 5 minutes.

I simply tell myself to “follow the rules” and I always make at-least 1% ROI a. month. It’s easy!”

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